1. Are reservations required?
    Yes. We cannot properly staff a tour if you do not tell us you are coming ūüôā
  1. Is it really all pedal powered?
    Yes! This machine operates 100% on the customers ability to pedal. Simply put, if you don’t pedal,¬†you don’t move.
  1. Is alcohol allowed on board?
    We do not sell, serve, or pour alcohol or any beverages- we are not a bar. You may bring a beverage of your choice on board as long as it is in a plastic cup. If you want to bring a small cooler on board it must be no larger than 14 quarts. NO LARGE COOLERS, NO LIQUOR, and NO GLASS BOTTLES. Period.
  1. How many people are needed for a tour?
    6 minimum- no more than 16.
  1. What if our public tour does not reach 6 riders?
    We will do our best to match you up with another group that has open seats. If we can not reschedule we will do our best to get a reschedule or a refund. Unless, you think your group can power through it.
  1. Seriously, 16 people? How?
    Easy! 6 people on each side of the bike (only 5 per side pedaling) and a bench that fits up to 3 in the back and one standing in the center as your party host.
  1. How long is each tour?
    Each tour is 2 hours long. There is a grace period of a few minutes after but let’s try and avoid the late return fee.
  1. Is there an age requirement?
    Yes. For any of our tours all riders must be 18 years of age.
  1. Do we need to bring anything?
    Well, this is Florida so we suggest some water! Snacks are always a good idea as ECPT does not provide any food or drink for purchase. Please wear proper biking attire. No heels.
  1. What can’t I bring?
    Anything glass. Any Illegal substances. A bad attitude. No liquor.
  1. What is the weather policy?
    We operate rain or shine. We will not ride if it is above 100 or below 40 degrees. If your tour is canceled we will give you a call so plan on showing up unless we notify you. If weather does cancel your tour we will try and reschedule or issue a refund.
  1. What if I need to cancel?
    Here is our cancelation policy:
    – 21 days prior to tour: full refund
    Р10 to 20 days prior: raincheck will be issued if time slot not rebooked
    – under 10 days: no refund, raincheck will be issuedWe will do our best to fill your spot to give you a full refund if you fall into a “non full refund” situation but we cannot guarantee¬†anything. If you decide to not show up there is no refund given.
  1. Is this difficult?
    Not really. If you have a full tour you have plenty of help.¬†Plus, this is Florida, we don’t have hills! Hooray!
  1. Are decorations allowed?
    This is America, we LOVE decorations! Its not a party without decorations!
  1. How do I pay?
    We accept Credit Card.
  1. Do we tip the driver?
    It is not required but it is how the drivers pay their rent ūüėČ ¬†They will be very thankful.
  1. How did you get in to this business?
    We are a proud licensee of the great folks of Pedal Pub, LLC (based in Minneapolis). After riding on a few other of their licensees in other towns we said, “We HAVE to bring this to the beach!”¬†And, well, here we are!